I have new music out. Bandcamp and soundcloud for your listening pleasure.


Out of all the different places I exist online, this site has been getting the least attention. I’ve been meaning to make this site a little less terrible, because of the infrequent posting, but time keeps on slipping away from me.



Statute of Limitations


I’m gearing up to put out more stuff this year, and this is the first offering. It’s also for sale, or you can just stream you freeloader.

About this theme.

This is the 2014 look(This post was supposed to go up months ago, but hey.) It’s pretty minimal, with some semi subtle animations(newer browsers obvi). It’ll be on my github soon. #dassit

Never Stop Shipping

I’ve been working on web development things more in the past few months and that has negatively affected music, or at least that’s my excuse. An old post on a programming blog I frequent brought up a goodpoint about shipping finished products (something I wouldn’t know much about) rather than talking about it, so here we are. I’ve been working on more things recently, and I release at least one thing a month on my soundcloud.

So, here’s to productivity.

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