Never Stop Shipping

I’ve been working on web development things more in the past few months and that has negatively affected music, or at least that’s my excuse. An old post on a programming blog I frequent brought up a goodpoint about shipping finished products (something I wouldn’t know much about) rather than talking about it, so here we are. I’ve been working on more things recently, and I release at least one thing a month on my soundcloud.

So, here’s to productivity.

MadKem – La Vie en Bleu




Kanye Quest 3030

Been following this for a couple months now, and if it’s anything like that Charles Barkley RPG, I’m in. Gonna play regardless.

Currently Playing 7/3/13

Here’s a list of games and audio I’m currently enjoying:

You Made it Weird(Podcast)
Gamertag Radio(Podcast)
The Combat Jack Show
Roc Marciano – Reloaded Jay-Z Magna… Carta Holy Grail Kanye West Yeezus



Games(there’s more, but these are getting the most play.)

Project X Zone(3DS)

Project X Zone

Animal Crossing: New Leaf(3DS)

Zombi U(Wii U)

Zombi U

Darksiders 2(Wii U)

Scribblenauts Unlimited

I’m leaving godaddy. here I come! Been working on getting my Ruby chops up for a little while now, and I’d like to show off a few things, but GoDaddy won’t let me be great. Most people creating rails apps Heroku for deploymemt, but I’m still looking to use WordPress for the foreseeable future.

Oh, if you haven’t noticed, this is the 2013 look for A new wordpress theme I designed named dank, an earlier(usable condition) version is available on my Github. As it stands now errything works, but there’s a slight issue with IE7. #workinonit

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